When their negligence injures or kills an innocent motorist, trucking companies from coast to coast have sought out the services of McDonald & Cody, LLC to represent them. Associated with trucking accidents, Georgia has the highest rate of deaths per population, according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System(FARS). In fighting for motorists injured or killed in Georgia on Interstate 85 – Ga. 365 – I-985 and Ga. 400, we have decades of positive experience. We also work regularly in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Kansas.

To reckless and negligent driving by truckers, others on the road are exceptionally vulnerable, due to the speed at which they travel, their blind spots, and the sheer weight and size of the trucks themselves. To properly follow the rules of the road, trucking companies and truck drivers do have a legal responsibility and this also includes proper compliance with federal regulations that are wide-ranging. On one or more of these regulations, trucks that are involved in collisions are very often in violation. Trucking industry regulation is often complex, a lot of different parties can be accountable and it is often very difficult understanding the causes of truck collisions.

Attorneys With Valuable Experience

We have a long record of positive experience in the representation of motorists that have been injured on Interstate I-85, and from coast to coast, many other interstate highways. And the most powerful and the largest trucking companies in the world have been among those that we have taken on in the past. The McDonald & Cody, LLC law firm can fight to defend your rights, and hold accountable the most powerful trucking companies, if you have been hurt in a trucking accident.

You are entitled to expect others to follow the rules of the road and to drive safely. But the negligent actions of others cannot always be avoided by even the most skilled and careful of drivers. In 2010, injured in motor vehicle crashes were an estimated 2.35 million people. If in a motor vehicle accident or a car crash you have suffered injuries, to represent your interests properly, you will need properly experienced attorneys.

A highly specialized field of the law are motor vehicle accidents. The investigative skills and depth of experience at McDonald & Cody, LLC leads to positive results. Throughout the entire nation, we have the resources to properly represent clients that are involved in any sort of auto accident, be it negligent drivers striking bicyclists and pedestrians, passenger van rollovers, or crashes at intersections. When operating a motor vehicle, the failure to use reasonable care constitutes negligence. When involved in an accident with a careless driver, motorcycle riders are especially defenseless. In 2008, the 11-year increase of motorcycle fatalities continued, reaching 5,290. It is due to the inattention and negligence of truck or automobile drivers that the vast majority of these accidents occur.


McDonald & Cody, LLC has the expertise and experience to defend your rights if you have been hurt in a truck accident. We will hold the reckless or negligent motorists accountable. For the following clients, we have obtained substantial settlements and verdicts:

  • $1 Million – tractor-trailer (2010)
  • $2.875 Million – tractor-trailer (2008)
  • $4 Million – tractor-trailer (2008)
  • $5 Million – tractor-trailer (2008)
  • $5.47 Million – tractor-trailer (2009)
  • $6 Million – tractor-trailer (2010)
  • $6.5 Million – tractor-trailer (2010)
  • $11.1 Million – commercial truck wreck (2006)

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