The significant increase in the number of tractor-trailers traversing the Georgia highway, is directly related to the growth of the commercial trucking industry. The weight of these commercial trucks can range as high as seventy thousand pounds, and are maneuvered by operators who are sometimes exhausted from their extremely busy delivery schedules, resulting in them becoming easily distracted.

When tractor trailer accidents occur, and smaller personal vehicles are involved, the outcome can be quite deadly. It has been estimated by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, that for every eight traffic fatalities, a truck is involved in one of them.

Anyone that has been involved in a collision with a truck, has experienced firsthand the trauma associated with hitting something so huge. However, most insurance claims made against a trucking company has met similar resistance, with insurance claim adjustors who are associated with these companies, trying to manipulate the evidence at the accident site through dialogue with the victims.

Why You Need an Attorney

The large number of lawyers contracted by the trucking company, make every attempt to prevent the award of any type of compensation for the victim. This is so because any claim that is granted will be documented on their permanent commercial record, and this can negatively impact their bottom line. To ensure that you receive the money required for medical bill payments and such other costs, you need to contract the services of experienced truck accident lawyers, such as McDonald & Cody, LLC. We are located in Georgia and are committed to assisting accident victims to receive adequate compensation.

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