Highway Accidents cause significantly worse injuries and more fatalities than other car wrecks. This is mostly due to the high speeds involved. When a person is injured in a highway accident, it is crucial that he or she contact an attorney experienced in personal injury law. A reputable law firm, such as McDonald & Cody, LLC, has knowledge of the applicable state laws, the best strategy as far as settling or pursuing a jury trial, and can substantially increase the likelihood of maximum compensation.

A personal injury lawyer is also an investigator. Fact gathering is the key to building a strong case. The attorneys at McDonald & Cody, LLC, understand the significance of investigation and have experience gathering information from the injury scene as well as lay and expert witnesses. In order to ensure a case goes as smoothly as possible, it is critical that personal injury clients tell their attorneys all the facts. It is often helpful for injured individuals to keep a journal beginning as soon as possible after the accident to record their experience with their injuries. This can become evidence later. A journal is also a good place to track new injuries and symptoms as they arise.

Contingency Fee

One of the benefits of most personal injury firms is that the attorneys work on a contingency fee. This means the law firm advances all the costs of the case, which can be significant, such as court fees, paying experts, etc., and will only be repaid if they win. Furthermore, rather than charging an hourly rate and billing time, most personal injury attorneys are only a paid a percentage of what the client wins or settles. The percentage is disclosed to the client prior to beginning the attorney-client relationship. This has many advantages for the client. First, the client never has to advance funds. The lawyer’s costs and fees are taken out of the award, only if one is obtained. This means the client has nothing to lose other than time. Second, the contingency fee system serves as a good incentive for the attorney to get the client the most money possible. This is an ethical duty of attorneys anyway, but knowing the more money the client wins equates to more money for the attorneys themselves provides extra motivation.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

While the choice of an attorney should never be taken lightly, it is absolutely critical for individuals injured in Highway Accidents to seek an experienced personal injury law firm. This is because Highway Accidents are more complicated than other accidents due to the seriousness of the injuries involved and likelihood that injuries will continue to surface long after the accident. Fortunately, attorneys such as McDonald & Cody, LLC, have the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to evaluate and handle highway accident cases to compensate their injured clients.