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An estimated three million injuries occur from car crashes each year in the United States. From major spinal cord damage that can require around the clock care and permanent disabilities to simple cases of whiplash, these are just two  examples of what can occur from a car crash.

There are three basic factors that influence the injury:

  • The speed that the cars were traveling
  • The road and weather conditions
  • The position of people in the vehicles and the angle that one vehicle struck the other

Because of injuries that you sustain in a car wreck, you may be facing financial and personal hardships. To win the compensation you need and deserve, you will not be alone. One of the most experienced law firms around, McDonald & Cody, will be there when you need a car accident lawyer. Getting back on the road toward security and happiness can be accomplished with an experienced law firm like McDonald & Cody.

What we do

It is time to talk with a car accident lawyer, when medical bills begin to pile up and your insurance company is not cooperating. Thanks to the expertise and skill of McDonald & Cody, LLC, GA accident victims have won record-breaking settlements many times.

Because we are experienced, knowledgeable and trained in law, we have recovered in the past five years, over 70 million for our clients. We can negotiate a fair settlement or we can win your case in the courtroom. Because of a loss of work, emotional stress and mounting medical bills, we know what a difficult position a personal injury can put you in. In the most timely manner possible, we will work hard to accomplish your goals.

What we offer you

There are three principles that guide our legal services:

  1. Client Satisfaction: To help our clients understand their options, we communicate promptly and clearly.
  2. Commitment to current and cutting-edge representation: To give you the best legal support available, we stay informed and educated on all the latest developments in the law.
  3. Affordability: We pass the savings on to our clients by using every tool at our disposal to maintain efficiency.

Why choose us?

In a variety of ways our firm has been recognized for excellence. To lecture at over 60 national seminars and symposiums, we have been called upon by our peers. Our record-setting verdicts and settlements have been featured in many articles by The National Law Journal and others.

Remember what we offer, if you need legal advice:

  1. For our clients, a track record of record-setting recoveries
  2. Taking over 300 jury trials to verdict
  3. Insight and access from research professionals and expert witnesses

Cornelia, GA residents have trusted us for 40 years, it is to your advantage to talk with a car accident lawyer, especially when your future is in doubt. For a free case evaluation and initial consultation, call McDonald & Cody at (706) 778-7178. Unless we win your case, we won’t charge you for expenses.