Gerald Cody, JD
Gerald Cody, JD
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Gus McDonald, JD
Gus McDonald, JD
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Sam Sliger, JD
Sam Sliger, JD
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The McDonald & Cody law firm specializes in company auto accidents, trucking-related injuries and Dram Shop Cases in which bars, restaurants, and package stores intentionally and irresponsibly over-serve customers about to get behind the wheel of an automobile.

When you are considering hiring a lawyer, one question you want to ask them is, “in the last six months, how many trials have you had”? Then you will want to pause a few moments and ask yourself, “Can this lawyer win. Would I vote for them and their client, if I were on the jury”?

Where true justice is found in the courtroom, we excel. Our lawyers know when the opposing counsel is weak, and never settle for pennies on the dollar. You can ask any Bailiff, Judge or lawyer around and they will tell you that our lawyers stand and say “ready for trial” with absolutely no hesitation.


The truth is that all law firms are simply not the same. Standing before juries and asking for justice is something that few lawyers can say that they do. At the law firm of McDonald & Cody, we can prove:

  • We have the skill in the courtroom and proper experience

  • When it comes to success, we have a well-earned reputation

  • We have more documented jury verdicts than most law firms combined

The impact that a serious personal injury can have on your life is something that we truly understand. And the financial hardships which come with that injury we also get. We take the time and make the effort to handle the stress involved.


McDonald & Cody have over 50 years of legal experience in Georgia and are veterans of more than 400 jury trials. Past clients have received more than $56 million in damages.

Because we are experienced, knowledgeable and trained in law, we have recovered in the past five years, over 70 million for our clients. We can negotiate a fair settlement or we can win your case in the courtroom. Because of a loss of work, emotional stress and mounting medical bills, we know what a difficult position a personal injury can put you in. In the most timely manner possible, we will work hard to accomplish your goals.

If we are not able to settle your case in six months, we will file suit and begin the process of litigation. The philosophy at McDonald & Cody, LLC is to provide maximum results, one client at a time. We are dedicated to our cases and strive for quick, full and maximum compensation. We are committed to our core values of returning phone calls, candid assessments and responsibility.

At McDonald & Cody, we have successfully litigated over 400 jury trials with tremendous success! We have record-breaking settlements with our professional expertise.

It is time to talk with a lawyer when medical bills begin to pile up and your insurance company is not cooperating. Thanks to the expertise and skill of McDonald & Cody, LLC, GA accident victims have won record-breaking settlements many times.









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